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"A revolver has the ammo and more of the gun's weight above and forward of the hand than an auto."

Once again you're discarding subjectivity and resorting to expansive generalizations to "prove" a point, and that is where your arguments fail.

Which gun has more of the gun's weight above and forward of the hand?

A Ruger LCR, or a Glock 20?

The answer is the Glock 20, with its very large slide and barrel (that combination is, IIRC, about 2 ounces HEAVIER than the entire LCR).

"If you use averaging to make a generalization, revolvers are heavier."

You really sure about that? What data sets are you using to arrive at that conclusion? Have you tabulated the weights of all available revolver models vs. all available semi-auto models to arrive at an average weight?

Or is that very non subjective guess?

"Ergonomics are an objective subject."

Actually, ergonomics are an objective subject when compared against a derivative mean example, an "industry standard model" of the "average" human.

Walking up and down the corridors at my office and looking at the people I work with, though, it's painfully obvious that the industry standard model is just that, a model, with not a lot of useful application when it comes to individuals.

If it did have validity across wide groups of people, we wouldn't see so many different grip makers offering replacement grips, panels, sleeves, etc., for all types of handguns.

Nor would we see an increasing number of semi-autos coming standard from the factory with two, three, or more sets of backstraps and grip panels that allow a decidedly non-industry standard person to customize the fit and feel of the gun.

"Revolvers are more complex mechanically."

Uhm... no. They're not. Please, though, tell us how you've arrived at that conclusion, and remember, "Because I think so" isn't a valid data set to support your hypothesis.

"I need to be more diligent about my vocabulary."

No offense, but you actually need to be a lot more diligent in providing verifiable data to support your claims, especially when you're speaking, as you often are in this thread, in absolutes and as if it is a foregone conclusion that you're correct and backed up with scads of data and information.

They people here aren't exactly dumbasses. They can chew up and spit out postulations given as proof without raising a sweat.
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