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Ha, I gotcha JibJab. I thought it was funny. Self-deprecating humor is always a good bet. Works for Conan O'Brien!

And, Deaf Smith, oh man, you better start handing out bibs before showing those pieces of work to anyone b/c I don't think I could keep myself from drooling. I put in a call to the seller of the M65-3 but haven't heard back from him. The stainless security six seller hasn't replied to my emails either so I'm just going to have to be tenacious. I'm not too worried about it as I sent off my application and prints for the carry permit last week and, with it being TN and post-Obama-second-term-election and all, I bet there's a stack of carry permit apps a mile high so it may be a while before mine gets back. But who knows, maybe I'll get a Christmas miracle?

Deaf Smith (and anyone else who's interested), do you double carry those or just choose one depending on your mood/need for the day? I'm told carrying needs to be a habit and not a "if I feel like it today" kind of thing.
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