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J.C. Higgins Model 42DLM .22 magnum (Marlin 980DL)

I got an old gun from my grandfather, and from a little research, it is a re-branded Marlin 980DL. It was for Sears, Roebuck's "J.C. Higgins" line of firearms, which were branded from 1908 to 1961. Here is the problem. The Marlin 980DL was apparently manufactured from 1962 to 1970. How could the rifle be branded JC higgins if it were manufactured in 62? The only thing I could imagine is that they were produced before 62 and were one of the final guns to recieve the JC higgins branding. The rifle was definitely made before 68, as it has no serial number, but the J.C. branding makes that obvious. Does anyone know what the story behind these rifles are? Also, I'd like to make a video on youtube, kind of a little quick review on the rifle, but I don't want to sound like an idiot! Thanks!
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