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mint WWII japanese rifle including bayonet handed over at 'gun buyback' program......

Maybe this is a biased place to ask, but am I being cynical to think this is just laziness, lack of intelligence, a disrespect to history, fill in the blanks to hand over a piece of history like this at a 'gun buyback' program?

I mean I understand the point of the program, but is anyone safer now that this firearm is making rounds & people are wondering what to do w/it and/or who is gonna be lucky enough to keep it/end up with it?

Maybe it is just me, but I can't for the life of me know why someone would just hand this over. Even an older person with not much family that doesn't need money would probably understand the value of the weapon. Maybe he/she figured someone else can find a proper owner, but there were plenty of other avenues that could've been taken....
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