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A flinter you say? If that is correct you could un-screw its Vent Liner out of its flash hole (its slotted for a flat bladed screw-drive) and hold a really bright flashlight up against the empty flash hole Be careful not to strip the V/L's slot. It should offer enough light to get a reasonable look into its breech & bore area. Not the best lighting but enough to check for rust or a stuck ball.
If you can't see any light at all. Than there's probably a stuck ball or patch some-where's in its bore. And (it) would need to be removed prior to doing your bore check. But that's a whole different issue for the time being.

I have a 50 T/C hawken flinter barrel here and tried what I just wrote and it works. A small thin Flat bladed screwdriver and a bright flashlight are all the tools you'll need to accomplish this task. It would please us here to know what you found out. Good luck zbones6.


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