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Well I won't get to try the slide stop or sling shot on my "new in my head" Glock.

I am so...mad I guess. I raided my parts bin, including a lone wolf barrel, some small parts and plenty of mags. I thought I was doing good. NO.

I added up what I still need, handfull of smaller parts, slide and frame. It is around 650.00 for a Gen 3 Glock 21 sf. I could get a new Gen 4 G21 for less!

I looked into becoming a Glock armoror to get some of the parts (cant get slide and frame though), but the next class near me is in IN about a year away. The rest in IL are LE only.

So I think that plan would work some day, but not in this case. Maybe after a few more Glocks in the hold and more spare parts?

Someone once said that if you get all the parts for a Corvette and put them together, you have an expensive something that looks like a Corvette, but you sure don't have a Corvette.

Merd. I might just buy the new one and add a few of the parts I want like a Ghost or like 3.5 lb trigger, extended slide and mag release. I thought some of the custom parts were cool like the metal chrome pins, logo slide end cap etc.
Oh well. It was a good idea, but since I cannot hardly find any gen 4 frames and then only in 9mm or compact .45, I will just go with my latter plan and find a good price on a new complete one.
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