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Which shotgun for turkey?

This is my project.

To make it field ready it needs a full/xtra full choke barrel w/rifle sights. That's a barrel ~$270. But the only such barrel is polished blue. I'd probably have to have it hard chromed, along w/the receiver since that would look so cool. Lesse, the gun was $300, Knoxx stock $135, barrel $270, hard chroming + shipping what, $300?

Or, I should just buy one of these for $523? It's a 870 already set up for turkey.

This would then double as a coyote gun, turkey gun and HD gun.

Are these turkey guns the same quality as the 870 Express HD guns?

Economically I guess I should sell the first and buy the second, but a hard chromed pump w/the Knoxx stock just looks .... cool.

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