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It is has to be VERY difficult to remove though. Small safes don't have the massive weight to deter them from carrying it away.... so the safe will need to be bolted into the wall AND nearly impossible to tug and pry away from the wall.
If you don't bolt it in it doesn't matter how heavy it is. The thieves ARE NOT worried about tering up your step and drywall. They will attach it to a truck and pull it right out of your house, load it on the truck and drive away. They will tear out the closet doorway. Don't think about how YOU got the safe in, think about how the THIEF will get the safe out. Have you seen how scrappers tear through a vacant house for copper wiring?

I have my safe in my closet, was a bitch to get in there, had to tackle/kick it in, it is pretty heavy so I have not bolted it in but am gonna
Like almost every gun owner I know.

In my opinion, a stack-on cabinet bolted in is better than a safe unbolted.
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