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Steyr M95 Sporter

Well, i am about to sin...
I have been wanting to make a few sporters out of straight pull actions for a while and it seemed like there weren't any to be had in my range. THen we end up with this glut of Steyr M95s. I am thinking I should pick up a few to hold onto for the actions. Seems many of these guns have atrocious barrels and are missing things like swivels and sights.

Other straight pulls are too valuable to be doing this too and are usually in better shape than I hear these are. Sometimes blasphemy is too tempting, just don't tell my friend in the C&R area.

One to 30-06 for hunting

One to 460 SW for a companion carbine

Mostly to fit hunting "needs."

One to... Well i will buy a few extra and sporter the worst ones first.

The conversions won't be happening for some time, but best to get the actions while they are readily available at a good price, right?
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