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I just bought a used hobby lathe for $400 yesterday and am getting a wire fed welder for $150 next week. I already have calipers, grinder, drill bits, reamers and other assorted tools. With material for a 22lr silencer running about $30 and for a 308 about $50 it is a deal I can't beat. I got someone to teach me the silencer making basics so I don't have to learn by making mediocre silencers.

I already have a trust, making one with Quicken Willmaker was a snap. There is lots of info online about filling out the ATF form 1 so I am not worrying about it being rejected. I also know a few guys who have made their own and one of them was able to look over the forms before I sent them in.

$250 for a muffler is no big deal. I spend more than that on ammo just for my 22's each year. When I get out of the Navy and get a decent paying job, I will be able to invest in much more powder and bullets for my larger calibers.

Once you go suppressed, you never go back.

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