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I don't remember the name of the study but it was done in Switzerland and they shot something like 200 goats to test lethality.
Strausborg (sp?) tests, chronicled in one (or more) of M&S's books. Some believe they were never actually conducted; others believe that their conclusions are largely irrelevant to actual human-v.-human armed encounters. At best, the conclusions are controversial and inconclusive.

Because of that study I carry either MAGSAFES or GLAZERs (sic) and will not carry stuff like combat talons because of that studies (sic) data
Yeah, about 30 years ago I bought in to the MagSafe/Glaser PR hype.

Spent an awful of money on that ammo and shot a bunch of it (worked great on paper ). I kept reading...and in time, concluded that I was a perfect example of PT Barnum's First Law.

If you or anyone else can point me toward any reputable source that recommends using, or any LE that actually uses these rounds, I am listening.
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