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thinking about casting my own .45 bullets, where to start? feasible?

Currently I load for all for all of my handguns and have no problem finding bullets that I am very happy shooting for 6-8 cents a bullet. At this price, I am able to make excellent ammo for $5.75-$6.75/box using range brass. I am fine with this. I shoot a box or two a week each of .380 and 9mm, and maybe a box every few weeks of .38/.357 and have a good supply of bullets for each.

For my very hungry 1911, I use excellent hardcast bullets from (18bhn) that I pickup locally for 10 cents/ea. This puts me at $7.75/box using range brass. I am shooting much more .45 than I expected (just starting out in idpa) and would sorely love to cut my costs down so I can shoot even more.

I would like to determine how feasible it is to start casting my own .45 bullets but I am not sure where to start. Is there a particular thread on this site that I should check out? For the veteran casters that might be reading this, what would you recommend for equipment? Also, what am I realistically getting into from a labor/time standpoint, in terms of production, length of time for each bullet casting session, etc. For lead, I have been checking prices and would be fine paying the going rate on ebay for ingots of whatever composition I settle on. With flat rate USPS shipping it seems like ebay is a pretty good source of lead. I could be wrong, if so, please let me know.

Thanks in advance

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