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Understand exactly where you're coming from. I hate even borrowing anything as it seems every time you do, it breaks and costs you more in time, money and hassle to make it right than if I'd just bought it in the first place.

There is a bit of risk in most things we do. I wanted a stainless Ruger Old Army and they are not made anymore. I watched Gunbroker religiously for weeks. I didn't want to buy one that had it's guts shot out with thousands of rounds put through it. I was patient and found one unfired from an estate sale. Emailed the seller the minute I saw it hit the site. Cooked a deal with the guy and had it a week later.

Recently, I was at a garage sale, got a couple things and saw an old American made (brown finish) CVA Hawken hanging on the wall. I asked the older gal having the sale if she would sell it. She said it was her husbands and he was deceased. Said it had been hanging there for years. I looked at it and it was a bit rough. We made a deal and I bought it for $10.00 Got it home and it had a ball and powder still in it. Soaked that barrel in Kano Kroil for several weeks to get it out. Threw a bore light down the barrel and it really wasn't bad! Went after the inside of that barrel for several nights cleaning it up. Finally shot it today and it shoots just fine. Took 3 shots @ 50yds. and was happy as heck to get a 2 inch group.

OK, I have time in it. Spent about $50.00 for a new can of Swiss 2F, new nipple, Wonder Wads and round balls. including some other things (and most of this stuff) I needed anyway. I saved the gun!

This is what we do here. Don't have to spend a ton of money, great satisfaction in getting/saving a gun, working on it and getting something cool out of it. What is the most fun for me is every gun is different. You have to discover each one. Find out what it likes. In the end, you have something cool and a great way to build your collection OR, sell/trade up for something better!

All the best to you and good luck.

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