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Delaware Drops Virginia - Info on OH, MI & WI

Delaware this morning removed Virginia from the list of states it honors. I believe this was caused by Virginia allowing training to take place over the internet. I am not sure if VA will drop DE. Time will tell. has been updated to show this change in who honors whose permit/license.

Both Ohio and Michigan are taking up legislation this week on changing their Firearm Laws. The bills as passed by one house make major changes. In Michigan Registration/Places off Limits are a couple of the biggies that could be removed. In Ohio they are talking about Universal Recognition, Loaded mags outside the firearm would no longer equal a loaded firearm even with the firearm in the trunk and the mag is in the glove box plus other changes. I am not sure what the outcome will be in these two states but hoping for the best.

Wisconsin’s Concealed Carry Law has been in effect for a year. So far WI has issued about 144,000 Concealed Weapons Licenses. That means residents of WI have spent over $7,000,000 to obtain a state license to legally carry a firearm. That does not count what they spent on Firearms/Ammunition/Holsters/Ammo Carriers/Training and other odds and ends to obtain that license. Law Enforcement is not reporting any major problems
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