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Picked up a revolver.....

.....while traveling through the back roads of Florida

Heading down 301 near Waldo, Fl, my wife, who I thought was dosing, exclaimed, "There is a gunshop".

A suite of storage garages had been turned into vendor stalls and one was Kim Andrews Knives and Guns. So we spun around and stopped in.

He had (I say "had" because I own it now.) a .357 Peacemaker clone in 4 3/4 inch barrel in pretty good shape. This revolver is marked "Geroco" and the owner told me it had been manufactured in Germany. Bote of the pistol is in good shape. It has been fired and I would say it has not been well cared for, although I think a good cleaning will restore it to presentable condition. It has pearl grips which are just a bit too large and the owner told me they came from a Vaquero. Well, it just so happens that I have a Vaquero which could use a nice set of pearl grips

I gave 250.00 for it and I feel like I did okay. Time will tell. I won't be back to the house until the 18th. Maybe I'll go home early and fondle it.

Anyone know anything about Geroco?

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