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First picture a M66-3 and M686-3 S&W .357.

Second picture a S&W 60 (no dash) and S&W 66-4 .357.

And third picture a S&W 640 with Secret Serivce stocks, Ruger SP101 DAO also with SS stocks, S&W 60 with banana grips, and Ruger SP101.. all .357s.

Any and all will do for CCW but... the pride of Deaf Smith's little collection is...

A S&W M66-1 and Ruger Security Six I converted to RB (round butt) both with Secret Service stocks. The Security Six is a bit heavier but can take alot of .357s while the S&W Combat Magnum has a slicker trigger.

Again, either one will do to ride the river with.

My S&W 65-5 'LadySmith' is right now at a gunsmith getting a red insert front sight but later (I hope before Christmas) to have it back in the fold.

"The government has confiscated all of our rights and is selling them back to us in the form of permits."
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