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As noted, some are getting too off topic.

In regard to SD training ... most cops do much of such training, but just like martial arts some trainers and some others taught theories that are static, and based on CYA principles of their department, city or state. There is no magic in training if you don't have the skill sets to apply the theories. You can teach a dog calculus all year long, but never a building will he build.

Shooting cans, moving targets, and learning balance by any means DOES make you better at SD... Doing training without those skills is a waste of time. A fighter is a fighter, and the skills are the same be it a sword, karate, or guns ... make no mistake on this. Joe Desk jockey cannot learn to play a piano, do a waltz, knock out multiple opponents, or take on bad guys in his house with WHATEVER GUN, without the skill sets that takes years to perfect ... there is no easy path. Talk is cheap, show me how you shoot under stress, real stress where life and death is at stake, and then lets talk about all these theories and how they improve you as an individual shooter.

Point being ... take your classes, but train, train and train again IN THE REAL WORLD, WIND, SNOW, RAIN, INDOORS, OUTDOORS, DARK, SUNLIGHT, CANS, TARGETS, RABBITS AND DOVE, BUT SHOOT!!! Then learn balance and how to move, control your heart rate under duress, impervious to stress while hitting targets, and if needed, take on the bad guy with the gun not working, or you wounded or injured...

Do you hunt and can see in 3D where the heart lies as the body moves? Most training uses flat targets facing you square … this doesn’t happen often in the real world. Animals or people do flight or fight, and they don’t do it flat, they are down charging or running away, or angled coming at you or away. Can you hit the heart in all these angles, distances, and timing needs … this is what can shooting does, and hunting does, and other real world practice of field use does. Can you shoot while breathing heavily, which is just what you will be doing when the … Hits the fan! Life and death, and down and dirty is nothing like training, nothing. The training just keeps the skills sharp, IF, the skills come naturally in the first place, and they damn won’t come naturally from taking a training course and going back home to the computer job. Natural reactions take years of repeat training, muscle memory is key, not mind memory. Keep it simple, do you have a safety or do you not? Whichever it is, practice with that on or off ALWAYS. You do as you train under stress!!! This goes for shotguns, handguns, or rifles or bows.

What gun you use, wherever it is, or what time it is, DOES NOT MATTER.

Back on point, a shotgun is a great choice for home defense made even better when you have the skill sets to make it work to the full potential of the design!


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