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Biz-Wiv, I knew you were an outdoorsy guy but this little "episode" ranks you right up there in the "consumate woodsman" staus in my book...

Like you, i am naturally an investigative sort... from home burglary I had to do the investigation work on 'cuz Sanford PD didn't consider my firearm losses and PRIVATE PAPERS losses high enuff in importance to investigate on their own... to my own and the wrecks of my buddy bikers etc...

Awesome detective work on your part!!!

From reading you and Louann's outdoor exploits, I reckon you won't get to throw this in her face much with out the fear of her warping a folding chair (those who don't know need to look for the chair reference in his previous posts...) around yer noggin......

Me??? i ain't so bright... my bride would hear about her CLEAN DERN MISS for years and I ain't so sure I would have let her know the legit reason for the miss...

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