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I plan on keeping the Model 14 and hunting with it. I measured the barrel at exactly 18 inches so I believe this makes it the carbine. My father has owned it forever and it belonged to my grandfather before that. Not only has no one hunted with it, no one has altered it either (no drill holes, etc.). I shot it the other day, was accurate around 70/75 yards out, but I feel getting a heart shot at 100 or better would be difficult (at least for me) using just open sights. Like I said earlier though, I would prefer not to alter the gun in any way that will affect its worth (eventhough I dont plan on selling it).

I would however like to sell the 1924 CXC Mauser (also all original)... but... I have no idea on how to find the value of this thing as this "type" is not listed in my books.
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