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Might give that a shot

I've sorta been convinced that it will take quite a while to get it together to go quality plus brand new. Always hated to buy used, no matter the honesty of the seller or the apparent worthiness of the item.
Inevitably there are a larger percentage of transactions where the buyer ends up paying for the troubles which the seller was seeking relief from(at least for me over the years, I got screwed more than pleased). Not always, but frequently enough to be a pain in my neck (wallet) over the years.
So I've developed this "survival" when you have the money (as in cash...never credit) to do it, but not until you can buy new, and with recourse if the item turns out to be not what it appeared. Usually works out for the best that way, at least in my experience. Still...constraints being what they are...I'll take a look around Gunbroker and a couple of Forum's "for sale" sections and see what's out there.

I've been doing a little reading of various posts on several discussion forums...and I think I'll adjust my "entry-level" to Lyman Great Plains Rifle and/or Thompson Center Hawken...and see what I find...just makes me uneasy to buy used...sorta like a used car...there's a reason the seller is getting rid of it...some are legit...but enough are "less than legit" to make some buyers wary from then the old saying..."Caveat emptor"...or sumpin' like that anyhow...
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