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To shoot 200 yrds without an IR lite you will need at least grn 3 and they are way over $ 1,500. You will need a high powered IR lite and they will run you a fair pice of change. I have a gen 1 Russian rifle scope but it would be no good at 200 yrds as the ratical is to large for coon at 200 yrds. I now do my nite hunting with gen 111 gogles and a lazer sight on my rifle. I do that so I do not have to point my rifle at a man so I can tell he is a man. My lazer has a 4 moa dot so it is also no good ay 200 yrds for coon. All of that said, coon will pay no attention to you at nite if you do not move. I have had them walk up to within a few feet of me.
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