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This is a decent vid showing the Digisight with a coyote silhouette at 200 yards. You can see what things look like with just the moon (less resolution) and then with the onboard light (more resolution, but things up close over-illuminated).

When using illumination, it is like using a flashlight and looking for a hog in the briar bushes. Much of the light is reflected off of the close foliage and it is hard to see what is beyond it.

There are a variety of vids on Youtube that provide some decent insight and despite some of the claims a fantastic performance, note some of the shortcomings that aren't always explained. Open terrain performance is always much better than cluttered terrain.

FYI, the Digisight can be hooked up to a DVR and if the DVR has a mic, you get sound. You can also change between 4 reticles on the Digisight and even design your own. I find the stock reticles to be too busy for me and so the reticle I use is minimalized.
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