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Was he cool about it or did he have a bit of a attitude?
No he wasn't rude or anything and he couldn't tell any differences between the two guns. So I was just confused why he seemed to NEED a Valor? If you don't know the differences why waste the money? He didn't seem overly impressed when he tried it either. It wasn't like his gun was junk either.

Usually I LOVE when others try out my things and get one of their own. many a Ruger mk2 has been purchased this way. I know a few of my friends that have went nuts after trying my DWs... one is saving for an ECO 9mm and the other is drooling after the Heritage. So I am no stranger to my friends 'following' ( i use that term loosely.) or asking my opinions on guns. Just seemed like he was doing it for all the wrong reasons?

It was just bouncing around in my head while I was at work last few days so I figured i'd post it here.

I think the real question might be who has the longer barrel?
Heaven forbid he finds out I own two DW!?
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