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The Glock 29 is my favorite carry weapon. I own 2. And it is dead-nuts-reliable.

I run Silvertip or Underwood. It you feel the need, you can run a longer barrel which is almost as long as my G20 barrel. But SEVENS is right; no need to do that because the weapon has PLENTY of firepower.

I run the factory barrels as well as a STORM LAKE and a ported LONEWOLF. The ported barrel I bought because Lonewolf was out of stock on the normal length barrel so I figured I would just buy the ported barrel and Cut it short in my machine shop. Never got around to it...

I reload 10 as well. But with the Winchester 175 Grain Silvertip and the awesome (really awesome) offering from Underwood ammo....I just reload for practice ammo to save money.

This thread needs some photos..!

Be well

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