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Why are we sure the scope does not adjust for movement relative to the scopes sensors?
Because I explained with the video I posted, you can see it failing to do so. (Post #4) Beyond that, so far there doesn't appear to be any other video proof to the contrary. Their own video shows the dot failing to actually track the target. It tracks a spot in the FOV just fine.

I think if it tracked moving targets, that sort of really cool aspect would have been highlighted in their videos. Instead, they shoot almost exclusively stationary objects and when they show an objec that can move, a pig, it does and the dot is placed on the shoulder, but before the shot is made, the pig moves and the dot is low on the side just forward of the hind leg, maybe a foot off from where it was placed.

Jet targeting system certainly do and have for a long time.
Yep, and they have a lot of technology and gear that accomplishes the task. The IRST and optical packages are not exactly compact.

Keep in mind that jet fighter guns are not sniper weapons. They rely on firing rates that are often in the thousands of rounds per second and the rounds spray, resulting in increased chances of hitting the target. The systems are not geared to precise targeted with guns per se.
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