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A find with .45-70 Gov't Brass

Ok I am new to loading for .45-70 Govt. Not to reloading. I bought some Remington brass on Sat., a family friend saved some brass from shooting a gun he wanted to try. He gave it to me for free. I have no doubt that it is once fired. Heck he still had the boxes it came in, with the recipts.

Ok they were two different brands. One was Hornady I already know from reading here that it is shorter so I have that to the side, so I know to readjust my dies before expanding, and seating/crimping. The other was Buffalo Bore. Head stamp says Lever Gun .45-70 Gov't Magnum.

Well the Buffalo Bore stuff uses Small primers. So if you manage to get some of it, and reload on a turret, or progressive you may want to put it to the side, it will need small primers. It is a lot thicker than the Hornady, and R-P brass. Though length of it is spot on with the new Remington brass.

I am not planing on any magnum loads even though I know my Marlin will handle them, I will leave that for people that are on safari.
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