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aww man i just looked at this threads op date. i was about to say that i wanted in on that game. i'm gonna have to throw my hat in with the CZ boys. i have a 452 american that i only shoot subsonic hp out off and its something else. IF a marlin of any make could equal what this rifle can do i would be very surprised. i'm in the market for a weatherby mark XXII which is just a rebranded anshutz 64 barreled action. but, i don't wanna step down in performance to spend twice as much on the rifle. my CZ loves sk/lapua subsonic hp. i would hate to see what it would actually do with true target grade ammo. not brag as i was just proud of the rifle,and myself, but the other afternoon i was shooting the CZ with 4 diff types of ss hp ammo just to see what it liked the best. when i avg'd three 5 shot groups at 50 yds the sk/lapua avg'd out to .35" ctc. if a marlin,especially a lever action, will best that then i take my hat off to the operator and rifle because you are truly a cracker jack of a shot.
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