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"classed as rifle bullets but is there any reason they could not be used in a Redhawk revolver provided I got the OAL correct?

It would be an additional 12% or so in weight over the 240s I have now.

Only other difference is these are .430 and not .429."

Yes these are listed under 'Rifle' bullets section. So what. They will be harder, thicker jacket and maybe lead. I wouldn't expect a great deal of expansion at pistol velocities. As for being .430 over .429s, functionally the same. All of my leads are .430.

The important things to remember:
Harder/stiffer bullets can and will be harder to push, that will raise pressures.
265 grain bullets will be harder to push (over the 240s you have been using), that will raise pressures.

I would stick with 240 grain bullets and look for heavier lead, say 300gr and hard, to do your 'acupuncture'.

If you elect to load these 265 grainers, start with the lightest listed charge and slowly work up. I see no reason that they couldn't be loaded safely.

Additionally, with your Redhawk, the OAL must be short enough to chamber and still have enough bullet in the case to provide suitable tension to hold the bullet during recoil.

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