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Really good input again guys.

Reloading is definitely something I'm interested in. Just not right away. I guess I'm just thinking I need to worry about actually becoming a better shot before I worry about reloading. Plus there's the time involved as you mention jimbob. I have a family and own a business, so free time isn't something I have a ton of very often. 22lr is so cheap, I'd rather just practice with it for the time being.

I won't completely rule out another revolver. I realize the guns mentioned aren't necessarily the best understudies to my Model 10. But I'm really just looking to become a better shooter in general, than I necessarily am strictly with my Model 10... if that makes any sense. Plus I want to move into the semi-auto world soon anyway. The Model 10 was bought because it was the right choice at the time when taking cost, reliability, simplicity, and HD effectiveness all into account.

Don't get me wrong, I still will practice with it and love revolvers in general. I'm just looking to get into semi-autos as well. I took a quick peek at Gunbroker and it seems the K22 is out of my price range anyway. But like I said, I won't rule out a revolver. If I see a good deal on a decent one I'd surely take a long hard look at it.

I definitely appreciate all the feedback though as you guys are vastly more knowledgeable than I and I'm learning a lot.

One more quick thing, anyone have any experience with the Bersa Thunder 22? It's only $275 new and I've heard tons of good things about the 380 version. I know it has a much shorter barrel though and therefore might not be as suitable for target practice as the others being mentioned here.
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