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All the brands mentioned make a good style AR, but consider a S&W M&P series in addition to those mentioned.
My M&P has been 100% with some pretty cheap Russian ammo and will shoot a whole lot better than I am capable off. Mine is the MOE version with the chrome components and the new ones have the R5 Melonite barrels. If cost is a factor look at the S&W Sport. Basic, no frills and a pretty good value in todays market.
If you are concerned about caliber, look at some in the next step up, like 6.5 6.8 etc.
Ar's are confusing at best with the different makers, DI vs Gas additional calibers and mil-spec vs non mil-spec.
Pick a brand name, ask around and then drop you cash on one and don't look back. Once you have one, the confusion really starts! LOL
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