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May I suggest getting the Sako Model 85 bolt gun, as you first choice. Occasionally...I even flinch when shooting offhand, when shooting 22's, because I did not accept the wobble; and tried to snatch the shot. I would buy a shooting bipod/tripod shooting stick that would help in offhand and kneeling/sitting positions; and practice with them.

At the range...I stuff cotton rags {Bag of Rags that I buy from an auto parts store} and stuff them under my shirt; to mitigate the effects of recoil; or just ball up a sweatshirt between the butt stock and your shoulder.

Wear a quality set of headphones/eyepro at the range, {with calibers the like of 50 BMG, use headphones and earplugs} and possibly a good set of amplified headphone ear protection when hunting.

Shoot with both eyes open ---if you blink your eyes when you break the shot --- you have a minor flinch going --- so...keeping both eyes open, will help prevent a flinch.

Imagine your trigger finger, as its own "entity", finger "flat" on the trigger...pulling straight back from the tip of muzzle to the rear of the buttstock.

Relax your shoulders...take three deep breaths ---inhaling though your nose and exhaling though you mouth---break the shot on the third exale within six to ten seconds, if not...reject the shot; and do more breath control. If your stance is should not hit your headphones, when you bring the rifle up to your shoulder.

I do like my Sako Model 75 bolt gun in 30-06, but would prefer the M-85, because it has a better retaining magazine release button. Training with reduced recoil loads, is not a bad idea.

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