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Compared S&W J-frame with LCR side by side

The day I bought my LCR I could have bought a stainless S&W J-frame for the same price, $413. I had a chance to handle and pull the trigger on both snubbys and found the trigger to be smoother on the LCR. I also liked how the LCR fit my hand so that coupled with the stellar reviews the little revolver got made up my mind.
I also got a Desantis Nemesis pocket holster and 2 soft pistol cases with the LCR for no more $ so that was also a bonus. The pocket holster is how I have ended up carrying, having tried other holsters and found they didn't fit my style so much.
The gun is accurate enough from self defense distances, less than 25 feet. The recoil is plenty enough for me from this lightweight revolver but still fully manageable.
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