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Years back I took a United States Army Marksmanship Unit small arms pistol course. The main instructor was ranked High Master in Conventional Pistol. He gave four hours lecture, and four hours range. Early in his lecture he made a comment that made my jaw drop, but after he explained himself, it became perfectly clear. He said….

“Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.”

After I scraped my jaw up off the floor, he went on to say that if you can walk up to your firing point and put ten shots into the X-ring at 50 yards, you just executed perfect practice. Load up your gear and go back home. Ten consecutive shots in the X-ring then quitting is better practice then 100 shots sprayed all over the target.

If you can not put ten consecutive shots in the X-ring, you need to work on the basic fundamentals of pistol shooting. Those basic fundamentals can be perfected by dry firing.

I then understood what me meant.

I’ll let you know when I get those ten consecutive shots in the X-ring. Until then, I’ll keep dry firing and striving for “perfect practice”.
this is very true. also constant practice teaches and forces bad habits to stick. since i have to relearn how to shoot basicilly I'm more in it for the therapy and rehabilitation aspect for now.

and with the spraying lead all over the target this is very true. but i also want to get back to cowboy action shooting, idpa and steel matches so i will need to practice several types of shooting both timed and slow fire.

Best of luck. I think you'll get burned out after a bit. Also, you need to figure in additional fuel cost and maintaince associated with going to the range. I do hope you succeed in your goal though.

Lastly, I think a WEEKLY update would be better than a DAILY update.
true a weekly update might make more sense for me but the fuel isn't an issue since i live 3 miles from my job and the range is exactly in the middle of the two.
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