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Your first gun was a model 10 ..... none of those listed is a good understudy for your DA revolver. You need a DA revolver in .22 for that. S&W k-22?

The problem is this, .38 SPL ammo cost is keeping me from shooting as much as I'd like to.
You could reload .38's ..... it's not as hard as learning to field strip the Ruger Mk III (which is NOT hard- even I can strip that thing down to the firing pin and put it back together in under 2 minutes.... all it takes is practice.)......

A hand press kit and a priming tool would set you back like $50 ..... order components in bulk and you can get the cost down to 10 or 12 cents a pop. It does not get any simpler than a low pressure, straight walled pistol case like the .38 special.

Only problem is, if you are like me, reloading will not allow you to shoot as much as you would like to, either: I still shoot everything I can afford to put together!
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