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Fire department no longer refills tanks. $7 and 25 minute drive to the nearest place I can find that does refill SCUBA tanks.

I really like the looks of the Eun Jin Sumatra series rifles. 6-8 shot lever repeaters.

I think I found a dirty secret:
My unit # 198 has a little over 600 hours on it so far. And I haven’t had any issues at all with it yet, also only rebuild three times so far.
From their site it seems fully filling a tank takes 24 hours. so, if it needs to rebuilt every 200 hours that is only 8 fills. Not sure how many top offs it would be after the first fill. The site seems to say a top off only take 3.5 hours, but that seems really strange. Filling the last thirs would have to be almost 3 times as fast as filling the first 2/3 for their numbers to work out.
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