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These were "free" premium jacketed hollow point bullets that I got from buying a progressive press and some carbide dies. ...I started with 7 boxes of the same bullets that were mailed to me from the factory at different times. 4 boxes at one time and 3 boxes at another time.

I don't have any receipts but they should know who they mailed free bullets to from their own ad promotion; right? 5 boxes are still unopened...

Should I check on the Net to see what weight bullets these guys make in 40? If they make 125 grain and I'm using 5.6 grains of red dot, I could tell if this load for a 125 grain bullet was within a "good" range, I suppose.

The fact that the 9mm "wrong" bullets don't appear to be made by this manufacturor, however, is very troubling to me.

At this point, I have no idea what "wrong" bullets may have been included in the factory package. ...some are Hornady,,,,, others.... I'm not sure...

..this suks..
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