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99% of the time it doesn't bother me one bit. In fact I'll even help my friends find one.

I'll post what happened to see if I can clarify the situation.

So I went shooting with several people last weekend and a few were friends of friends. Well I bought as always my Dan Wesson Valor, which is my favorite gun and I have worked towards getting it since I was 18.

Well a friend of a friend I have met a few times outside of shooting was there. He well he has much more cash then I and he owns a Colt AR and a 1400 dollar Kimber of some sort. As far as he knew Kimber makes the best 1911s out there. Which is totally fine with me. Well he's never seen nor heard of a DW before. Just the usual Kimber, Colt, Springer, RIA and such.

He felt like he was top dog with his gun over everyone else's glock, and what not. He actually assumed it was a cheap gun due to the fact it lacked a brand name on the slide and front cocking serrations. (I found this slightly humorous.)

When I started shooting my Valor and let others try it they seemed to prefer it to his. This seemed to bother him to the point of asking our mutual friend which he thought was better and why. He knows a lot about DW due to them being one of my preferred 1911 brands he also told him of Nighthawk and Wilson. (I actually hope he gets one of these two)

So now he plans to trade in his Kimber to purchase a Dan Wesson Valor.

I guess the issue isn't that he owns the same model gun as me, more so the reason and why he feels the need to own one.

There wasn't a thing wrong with his Kimber. It worked it grouped well. But after he found it wasn't 'king of the hill' in his eyes. Even though I am not a huge kimber fan I even told him it was a really nice gun.
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