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OK - Yeh thanks.... all!

Is it easier to line up the unloaded bullets that are left over or just weigh each one? I use a digital scale, so weighing each bullet would go fairly quick. I only have about 50 bullets left.

If none are found that weigh more or less than the stated weight on the box, can I conclude that the 150 loaded rounds are OK?

Somehow, this makes me nervous.

The manufacturor is known for premium quality jacketed bullets. The wrong bullets that came in the package have a different diameter, a different profile (nose) and they look like they are plated not jacketed.

I don't believe this bullet manufacturor makes plated bullets - just jacketed bullets, I believe.

How weird is that?

I have never purchased any of the type of "wrong" bullets that were found in the box (9mm FN) so I know they did not get mixed up with anything that I was doing earlier.
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