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...why can't they (the magnums) be shot out of any 22?
JohnKSa correctly wrote...
.22WMR bullets are not heeled. .22WMR rounds can't be shot in .22LR guns because the cartridges won't chamber (they're too long and larger in diameter)... In addition, .22WMR bullets are slightly larger than .22LR bullets and are jacketed which makes them a less than ideal fit for a .22LR bore...
Prof Young... FWIW there is actually a lower-powered, low-recoil .22WMR/.22Mag alternative- the .22 Winchester Rimfire (.22WRF). The .22WRF is the .22WMR's slightly shorter-cased parent cartridge; it does NOT use a heeled bullet and can be used in most .22WMR firearms, although it may fail to cycle some semi-autos properly.

However, unlike using .22LR in a "convertible" revolver, there's usually little or no practical cost savings from using .22WRF; it's also generally hard to find because it's obsolescent. Demand is low enough that IIRC it was briefly dropped from commercial production a few years ago before being reintroduced by CCI and Winchester.
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