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Thanks for the info guys. I am no novice at casting. Just to the hollow base single cavity. All of my molds are Lee. I may end up with an old Lyman mold for .308 bullets of one weight or other. A guy at work has a relative that is talking of selling it for a cheap price. I will talk to him on that when he gets back from vacation.

I know to remove the oil from the mold before casting with it. I use brake parts cleaner. Then brush it with Dawn, and dunk into boiling water. Then rinse. I lube all the areas needed with Mobil 1 it works, and I have 10 quarts of it on hand for changing oil in my truck.

I always preheat my molds on a gas stove on low as the lead heats up. I have about 40 or so pounds of melted ingots of stick on wheel weights. About 150 or so of the clamp on ones. If I need harder then I use some plumber's silver solder.

Oh and the rifle shot well with .459 sized bullets, with no lead at all. Only carbon from the lube.
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