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"In .380 and other small case ammo, I would avoid Hornady dies. Unfortunately, I have crushed a few cases in my day and the one constant is that these usually happen with Hornady sizing dies. I think their tapper used to direct the case in to the die is extreme and this causes issues, at least for me"

Rajbcpa, I have had days like that, I found the problem had more to do with the shell holder than the die, my favorite shell holder, by brand, does not fit, or I should say my favorite shell holders fit like my shirts in the very old days, my shirts fit anywhere they touched.

The better shell holders fit, that leaves me with no room for sizing options, the good shell holders are press specific, then there are fired cases that will not fit a good fitting shell holder, and never is the question asked “Yesterday the case fit my shell holder, today, after firing the case will not go into the shell holder, WHY?”

The only die that contacts the case is the full length sizer die, the seating die does not contact the case until the mouth of the case contacts the crimp portion of the of the die.

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