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I wouldn't hesitate to buy one if I were able to look it over first to check out the items others mentioned. That said, even most of those problems are cosmetic - unless REALLY bad. I have AKs with canted front sites, but as long as you don't run out of adjustment to get it on target, it really isn't a problem. I have a number of AKs and mostly the only difference between them is fit and finish. The Romanians I have are just as accurate and reliable as the upper end Arsenals and such. If you want a pretty AK, you may want to look elsewhere (or spend a little time to refinish the wood and spray the metal with some Alumahyde II or gunkote), but it should be a good work horse non-the-less. If you get one that is way out of spec and doesn't function properly, Century usually has a decent reputation of making it right.

A side note on mag wobble - under most circumstances (as in that function isn't affected) that is just a pet peeve of owners. The ak I had with the most mag wobble was a Valmet M76 (and all aks seem to vary). I actually prefer a little looser mag well since it seems to make mag changes a bit smoother for me. To each his own though.
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