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Thanks for all the replies so far.

Sevens: Yeah, I think I'm going to go ahead and rule out the Chiappa. Thanks for the info on the GSG/Sig 1911. Looks like the GSG can be had brand new for about $330. That might fit the bill perfectly.

Also, I've read some others say the same thing as you in regards to the superior quality of the Mark II to the III. I'll definitely keep an eye out for a decent deal on a used II.

dan & Cheapshooter: I have looked into the Buckmark. I had originally ruled it out because it seemed they typically go for a bit more than I'm looking to spend. But it appears there are some deals to be had on GunBroker. I'll keep an out for those too.

Not really worried about carry-ability with this gun. Just want a decent range gun that will be cheap to practice with. I plan to get my carry permit at some point in the near future and will definitely want something stronger than a .22 for that. So that means yet another gun purchase will be necessary (Welcome to the hobby, huh? ) That's one of the main reasons I'm trying to keep the cost down on this particular purchase. As I'll likely be dropping at least another $400 for a carry gun.

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