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I'm getting more and more tempted to do the Wet tumbler method because of the volume of pistol rounds I run through my lock n load. No matter what I do, I seem to keep getting walnut media in the press.
Then you need to heed the advise I gave in post #6 above;

Using the fine corn cob media from drillspot will result in no media caught in primer flash holes;
Besides, it's shipped free, AND 40 pounds of 20/40 media for 35 bucks will last you for a lifetime IF you're 35 now, and live to be 75!
I do NOT know of crushed/ground walnut media is made that fine. Maybe somebody makes it. Some like walnut better for cleaning. I tried it, nowhere near as good at polishing as corncob and polish additive.

I use nu-finish. It has the added feature of leaving a bit of wax on the outside of the cases, that makes them a bit more slippery, and makes them STAY shiny. Flitz also has some wax in it, same result.

Do the pin tumbled cases stay shiny if stored for long periods, or after loading and then stored?
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