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I have hunted Lion here in Arizona Most of my life. I have Varmint called them in real close as well.
I had one come up behind me and was sniffing me out. My wife has a picture some where, she was about 100 yard away taking pictures of what I called in be I dispatched it.
I find bear the biggest threat, Lion will freak and run lightning fast once they know who and what you are.
In California I think they have learned not to fear humans, so they will attack somewhat.
I have a .45 1911 type and a Glock 10MM.
I like the .45 for in home defense and as a cop and I cant wear hearing protection.
Like the 10 MM outdoors just because its fun to shoot.
Ive seen big lion killed by Expert trackers with a .22 LR after getting it up a tree, with dogs!
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