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nice shooting... personally, I've never shot handgun at a deer over around 75 yards... yet... but you seem to have a handle on what you're doing... I've pretty much handgun hunted the last several years... If I want to "go up north" I can get into rifle zone, if I hunt local, I'm in shotgun zone, but we can use a handgun in the shotgun zone... I'll admit, I've never shot a deer with a revolver, but I almost exclusively use a Contender when hunting locally... my FIL, shot a nice doe in WI, 15 years ago, with a Dan Wesson 357 Super Mag, with a Luepold 4X scope on it, that I currently own... so I may have to try my luck with the ol Dan some year...

BTW... my current deer hunting rig, is a 10" custom 45 Colt barrel on a Contender, with Williams fiber optic sites... I shoot a pretty hot load, with those XTP's & have a load I can put 3 shots touching at 75 yards with a field rest... get about 3/4" expansion out of the 45 Colt XTP
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