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I dunno, Venom, but done it myself once or twice.

Usually, however, this is after having shot a friend's gun and deciding that I liked it enough to buy one of my own instead of borrowing it. I do it with my own style applied, though.

Bought a stainless GP100 having tried out my FIL's blued version a few times. Picked up a parkerized Rock Island 1911, having taken a friend's blued Colt for a spin - a Colt was way out of my price range, and I liked the Park'd finish better.

Shot another friend's A2 AR-15 - rather than "copy" and get one of my own, I just bought his

Gun maker's only make so many variants of their base model guns, but when I "copy" I always make sure it's a gun that I will enjoy, not just a clone of something that fits someone else's personality
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