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230 Grain SNS RN .45 acp Load

I just got a box of 500 of these SNS bullets and wanted to see what you guys use for a good load on these.

I am currently reloading Berrys plated 230 grain rn with 4.6 grains of bullseye and seating them to 1.230 according to Hornady load manual. We shot 200 of them yesterday and they shot great and all went bang and hit the mark(for the most part).

Should I change my seating depth or anything for these lead bullets or powder charge. More or less crimp?

I have had a bit of trouble with my RCBS taper crimp die seating and crimping at the same time, but after lots of tweaking I got it. Most measured .770 to .471 and I use a gauge on them until I get them to fall in and out easily.

Any advice would be great.

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