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Is finding the wrong bullet in a new package a safety issue?

The packages of 100 each were new un-opened from the manufacturor - premium hollow point - jacketed. At the start of the session, I weighed several bullets and they were in spec as far as weigh goes.

Later, two bullets were found in the boxes that were a completely different caliber, different weight and different construction. The wrong bullets were found only after the loading process was begun and +120 cases were completed. (Two new boxes of the same manufacteror were dumped into the single empty bullet tray at the begining of the session)

The issue I am troubled with is the possibility that some of the bullets in the new package may be the correct caliber and correct construction but the WRONG weight. I can test weigh the remaining bullets that have not been loaded into cases, but there is no way of knowing if the completed cases have the correct weight bullets; right?

If you loaded the wrong weight bullet with a powder charge that was designed for a different weight bullet, I asssume you could have a safety issue; right?

What should I do now?

I still have 5 new unopend boxes of the same bullets....
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