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Was it a 1898-1912 Rast & Gasser service revolver, or ?????

IIRC, the presence of a trigger guard indicates commercial, or (in the case of military issue) an officer's gun.

The originals were WWI service revolvers, first in Austria-Hungary, then used in Italy & Yugoslavia.

The Ivory (?) grips, engraving, and nickel plating (?) seem to indicate either a presentation/special order revolver, or possibly a very well done period custom, since it appears much too well done to be an amateur upgrade.

I'd certainly want to investigate the internals further, for:

1) Proofmarks - originals were 8mm Gasser, Belgian copies were 7.62 Nagant.

2) Grip inside(s) for possible presentation or maker ID.

Is the seller offering any sort of provenance on it ?


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